What is the Best Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Business?

Digital marketing 101

 Every successful business owner will say they reached the goals they marked due to the effort they put out. It isn’t easy to start the business in the current market and nurture it to perfection. People who are confident enough to face the challenges do so for the reason that they know the ways to market their business very well.

Digital marketing is the simplest solution for a small business to be the talk of town. Digital marketing campaigns may include email marketing, SEO, mobile marketing, influencer marketing, electronic billboards, video marketing, in-app mobile ads, affiliate marketing, and much more. The only question is, what’s the best digital marketing strategy for businesses?

Set Your Targets

As an owner of a small business, you have to establish the pillars first on which your digital marketing strategy would stand. This often includes:


Revenue growth

– It’s the most important need of businesses to work for revenue growth.  There are several ways to make your revenues grow and these include raising your prices, raising the frequency of the transactions per customer, increasing the average size of transactions, and increasing the number of the customers.


Business Branding


– It’s one of the most crucial aspects of every business. Basically, it’s your promise to the customers as a business and tell them what to expect from your business as well as what gives you an edge over the competitors. Your website, logo, offers, and promotions show your branding. What you communicate visually and verbally are an essential part of the brand strategy.

An effective digital marketing strategy is often based on the targets that you have set for your business. Below are the different marketing strategies you may include in your business plan:

SEO – SEO is important and should not be taken lightly for your small business or medium. It also attracts attention and clicks to your site that will not happen once you ignore it. There various ways to invest in search engine optimization and these are page optimization, site architecture, technical roadblocks, and link building. Talk to Tom @ Green Genie SEO. He is a friend of mine whom I consult on SEO related issues regularly.

Mobile Marketing – It isn’t a surprise to know what mobile marketing is indispensable in the business world today. An average user spends most of their time on their phones rather than on their desktop. Mobile marketing comprises of devising ads, which appear on a tablet or a phone.

Advertising – Small businesses have to be realistic with their ads. Usually, you’ll be bound to look for the low cost solutions, yet you cannot have low cost solution that’s also effective, so you try and go to make ends meet through compromising on one or another and testing constantly. You should also make an advertising budget and see to it that it would always get you response in return.

Email Marketing – It remains to be the most famous and highly convertible means in business. People are bound to provide a glance at an email inbox and it’s what makes email marketing attractive for the business owners.

Website Optimization – It means designing a site from scratch, which ranks well on the search engines. As small business owners, your site says a lot about you and interactions happening there are keys to establishing your brand value.



The Development of Modern Art

The Evolution Of Modern Art – Fighting Against Tradition

Art lovers often have mixed emotions about modern art. This era includes work produced between the 1860s and the 1970s. The term is typically applied to the philosophy and style of all art produced in that period. When most people think of modern works, they also think of experimentation and artists who have literally thrown away all traditional concepts. These modern artists produced works that experimented with new materials and fresh ideas. They envisioned something completely different and then used creative techniques to make it a reality. These artists moved the conversation away from traditional images to more abstract paintings and works.

Modernism or modern art began as early as the Industrial Revolution. During this period, there were immense advancements in transportation, manufacturing, and technology. These changes had a profound impact on the cultural, economic, and social fabric of the modern world.

Early works were often commissioned by institutions or wealthy patrons. Most of these works depicted mythological or religious scenes that told a story. These early paintings and sculptures were created to instruct the viewer.

As we ushered in the 19th century, artists began creating works depicting scenes and ideas solely from their imagination or vision. There were no models for the work and the artists usually didn’t have any personal experience with the subject.

This was an entirely new approach to art. Painters, writers, and sculptors looked for new ways to produce their works. Each artist tried to define a new visual language to communicate their thoughts and feelings. There was an effort to find innovative ways to represent modern life.

The term modern art applies to several very different genres which spanned more than a century. The basic tenet of the movement was to represent a subject as it existed based on the artist’s perspective. Most modern artists rejected traditional values and styles.

The new artists were considered to be mavericks by the traditional community and they certainly blazed new trails. They experimented with groundbreaking and revolutionary ways of presenting the world around them. They used techniques and materials and defined a new purpose for the functionality of art.

The founding fathers of the modern movement include some of the most famous artists of their time. Paul Cezanne, Vincent van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, and Edvard Munch are just a few of the incredible talents that helped launch this movement.

These artists challenged the traditional concept that art must depict the world realistically. They experimented with non-traditional materials, expressive use of colour, and new mediums and techniques.

Modern Art now takes on an unlimited number of textures, blends and representations, vividly displayed at the Local Irish Art website where unwieldly materials, canvases, and artists come alive.  Check their facebook page – Local Irish Art.

One of the most inventions that had the most profound impact on art was photography. As this technology advanced, artists learned any scene could be reproduced with complete accuracy. Photography became easily accessible and almost anyone could take photographs. This created a challenge for artists who were forced to find ways to represent life in ways a photograph never could.

As artists developed new ways to express their vision, they created new art paradigms. These paradigms set the foundation for more growth in the modern art movement.

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